Little Dot, Big Heart


Sustainability Vision

Certified Carbon Neutral Since Day Dot

  1. We are Carbon Neutral to Future Net Zero standard across our organisational and operational output, and have increased offsetting efforts to account for our historical emissions backdating to 2013.

  2. We are continually reevaluating our energy use and suppliers with the aim to move to 100% renewable energy.

  3. We are continuing to reduce and recycle as much of our waste as possible via third parties and zero-to-landfill waste companies.

  4. Our use of third party suppliers is regularly reviewed, to allow us to collaborate with companies with greater sustainability commitments.

  5. We are continuing to work with high profile environmentally conscious clients on their sustainability content.

  6. We use the criteria and tools made available by Albert to certify our productions under the Albert Sustainable Production initiative.

  7. We have signed onto the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, committing to implement the principles set out by the UNFCC and enhance the climate agenda within the sports sector.

United-Nations-Climate-Change albert


“As a business, we are responsible for doing our part to tackle the climate crisis. We are working hard to reach our sustainability goals both internally, and with the clients and suppliers we partner with.”

Dan Jones, CEO, Little Dot Studios

“I’m proud that we are taking action to evolve our daily operations and through backdating our emissions, demonstrate we are serious about sustainability. We’re early on our journey but the verification is one way we are being accountable to our colleagues, clients and climate action.”

Saunders Carmichael-Brown, Sustainability Ambassador, Little Dot Studios

“As a sport for purpose series, it’s essential for us to align ourselves with people and companies that share our core values and ambitions. We are delighted that such a key partner, Little Dot Studios, has undergone the thorough process to become certified carbon neutral, and hopefully it will inspire more companies in our industries to follow suit.”

Ali Russell, CMO, Extreme E